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Our story

How we got our start?

The original intention of Waterspecialist was to adopt advanced and professional water purification technology, bringing people healthy and pure drinking water. Our R&D team dedicated to studying on refrigerator replacement filters, undersink filters, coffee and pitcher filters.

What makes our product unique?

Waterspecialist maintains a purpose to protect your drinking water safety from a professional perspective. Our products adopt top-quality food-grade materials. Besides, the premium activated carbon block adopted in filters can effectively reduce harmful substances and improve the taste.

Why we love what we do?

It’s the right for everyone to enjoy high quality water. Therefore, we would love to bring you safe water with professional technology and careful service. Please give us the honor to escort your drinking water safety.

The Waterspecialist refrigerator water filter features filtration performance is comparable to the original brand. It is also certified by authority NSF 42 and 372. Far different from generic brand, Waterspecialist only adopts 100% superior coconut shell carbon block to improve taste and odor.
【Great filtration】Waterspecialist refrigerator filters can reduce many harmful substances in water including heavy metals, chlorine, odor, THM, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), particles, copper, cadmium, chromium, and all other major impurities. This has been tested and proven by an independent third-party laboratory.
【Premium filter material】Waterspecialist selected BPA-free and food-grade filter housing that passed NSF 372 certification for lead-free filtration. We also adopt 100% coconut shell carbon block that contains larger surface area and more micropores than inferior carbon block. Thus, the filter cartridge can efficiently reduce chlorine, bad taste and odor.
【Perfect fit】Waterspecialist combines precision measurement technology to produce 100% fit refrigerator filters with exquisite engineering designs, unlike inferior replacement filters that can cause water leakage issues. Also, Waterspecialist saves you time and hassle by offering tool-free refrigerator filter replacements.
【Fresh-tasting water】The 100% coconut shell carbon block absorbs more impurities than low-priced and mixed carbon block. The Waterspecialist refrigerator filter provides you a unique filtration experience.
【Food-grade materials】We selected BPA-free and food-grade filter housing that passed NSF 372 certification for lead-free filtration. Waterspecialist is here to protect your water safety.
【Monthly install stickers】Expired replacement filters might cause an accumulation of impurities and only achieve low-standard filtration performance. Therefore, Waterspecialist filters come with date labels that remind you to change it on time. Besides, the filter life is 6 months or 300 gallons (varies based on the water condition).



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