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For the modern woman, it is essential to have a wallet that helps you keep your items secure while still adding to that sense of style in you.

It is, however, right to say that not so many women products are made with this in mind and even those available, most fall short of expectation.

At SENDEFN, we intend to change this narrative.

The wallet is 100% genuine leather and thus will serve you for long.

But even with that, we secure your peace of mind with a hassle-free return policy.

Get yourself one of these today. Add in Box now.

Womens Leather Wallets

Womens Leather Wallets

SENDEFN comes in an array of gorgeous colors to choose from depending on your taste.

Crafted from pure genuine leather, you are getting a durable wallet.

More so, you can regularly polish it with appropriate leather cleaners to bring out a shine and a brand new look even after long-time usage.

Also, it has a beautiful and smooth finish, which will blend with your style.

There are several slots to slide in your cards and two card windows.

The two side compartments well secure your phone and cash under one zipper.

The wallet has a compact design that eases the way you organize all your valuables.

The contrasting stitches highlight its sophistication, while its snap button boosts both its style and charm.

This option also comes with a detachable wristlet for holding the wallet, thereby allowing you to use your hands without dropping it freely.

Leaving Plenty of Space to Hold Everything You Need



Q: It is very hard to close when all card slots are full?

A: It’s advisable to put only one card in one card space and also manage the space reasonably to make it work perfectly. Each wallet has two snaps, which solves the problem that the buttons cannot be closed when full.

Q: Wallet too big for me.

A: Our wallet has a large capacity, 24 card slots and 2 id windows, 4 receipt slots, 2 cash compartments, 1 zipper pocket. If you are worried that it is not suitable for you, we support easy returns. We hope SENDEFN has your favorite wallet.

Q: Why is the Wallet Rigid?

A: Our wallet is made of very soft leather. But because of the security of your private information, we use a special inner layer of RFID technology which makes it stiff. And we have improved the production process in 2020 to make the wallet softer.

Q: The zipper will split open or stuck?

A: The best way to avoid a stuck zipper is to keep the zipper clean and lubricated. Open the zipper and apply the white candle or lip balm sparingly only to the teeth of the zipper. Carefully open and close the zipper to thoroughly distribute Lubricant.



RFID Womens Wallet

RFID Womens Wallet

Walk through security checks with confident that no malice can be accomplished with regards to any RFID chipped cards in your wallet.



How to Cleaning your Leather Wallet

Most of us who’ve purchased a beautiful new leather wallet want it to last for as long as possible and look as good, or better – as on the day we received it.
Here are a few tips from SENDEFN on how you can get the most out any of our fine SENDEFN leather products.
DO NOT use a blow dryer or expose your wallet to extreme heat since that will cause the leather to become wrinkled.

Dirt/Dust: It is recommended that you clean it with a damp cloth as soon as you notice some dirt or stains. If the dirt or stain has already set in, use a good leather cleaner to remove it.
Moisture/Water: Gently wipe the surface clean with a dry, clean cloth and allow it to dry at room temperature. Keep your wallet closed, don’t leave it open or it will not lay flat anymore when folded.
Not Enough Moisture: Gently apply a leather cream or leather moisturizer to your wallet.

RFID Protection Technology

With the advent of technology, such cases have become more rampant, and women are most affected. That is why are we have incorporated an RFID protection feature in each of our wallets.
We understand the need to ensure that your privacy and that no point in time is someone snooping over your items looking to steal personal information.

What is RFID?
RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification. Chip-based technology is used by many industries in many roles and is often used in credit cards or passports to store personal information.
What is RFID Theft?
RFID theft (often referred to as skimming) is when someone uses a scanner to read and duplicate the personal information from your RFID enabled gear without your knowledge.
Why should you use an RFID Protection wallet?
Your personal information on cards with RFID chips are vulnerable to theft by pickpockets using RFID scanners unless you have the special linings provided by all SENDEFN RFID blocking leather wallets.

sendefn womens wallet

sendefn womens wallet

Unique Design

The sunflower button is the symbol of the SENDEFN wallet, and we have the design patents for this button of sunflower.

Keeps Your Phone Safe

The slot for your mobile phone is secured by a zipper that keeps the phone safe. You can easily fit your phone inside one of these spacious wallets and avoid losing it as well when you are out.

Free Gift Box

With each purchase of the women’s wallet, you get a gift box should you need to gift this item to any of your loved ones.


Card Slot

ID Window

Zipper Pocket


Receipt Slot


Cash Compartment


Wristlet Strap



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Date First Available ‏ : ‎ August 26, 2020

Zipper closure
🔐 [Zipper Lock] – – Have you been a victim of losing your phone even when you had stuffed it in a wallet that you thought was secure? If so, then it is most likely that your wallet did not have a zipper lock. With one of these wallets, however, you do not have to worry anymore. Each one of them comes with a secure zipper lock that prevents you from losing your phone.
💯 [100% Genuine Leather] – – Are you looking for a wallet that will serve for an extended period without any deterioration? Then look no farther as we have just the perfect wallet for you. This product is made of 100% genuine leather. This ensures that the wallet continues to serve you without the need for any replacement whatsoever on your part.
👝 [Wrist Strap] – – Are you tired of holding your wallet all the time as you move around? Would you like an easier way of handling it? Then here you have it. Each one of our wallets comes with a wrist strap that allows you to carry your wallet without any inconveniences whatsoever conveniently.
🎁 [Large Capacity] 24 Card Slots and 2 ID Windows, 4 Receipt Slots, 2 Cash Compartments, 1 Zipper Pocket. Lots of room to carry our phone, cash, cards and receipts, id card, driver license or families’ photo.
🛡 [RFID Blocking] – – The need to secure your most crucial information 📈 keeps increasing each day. We make this possible for you by fitting each one of our wallets with an RFID blocking feature. This ensures that no unauthorized persons can sniff around your wallet and steal 💳 your personal information to use against you.



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