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About Bacgnyer

We will not miss the opportunity to make every space a beautiful and relaxing place. Driven by enthusiasm, we combine our love for natural materials with superb skills to bring you beautiful placemats. We use a wide range of color palettes and pay close attention to small details to create works suitable for contemporary life.


Placemat for Guests

Our placemat adopts the texture of imitation textile, which will make the placemat very suitable for greeting guests, bringing you and your guests a star hotel-like atmosphere and setting off the atmosphere. Heat-resistant and easy-to-clear characteristics also make this placemat a good helper for you. Use this placemat to enjoy the food.







Convenient Storage

This placemat is very soft, you can roll it up and store it, or you can spread it out flat and save no space.

NO Scratch

The material of the placemat is exquisite, and the pattern on the surface also protects the placemat to a certain extent, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the placemat. You can even cut meat on the placemat so that your cutting board will not be stained by oil.

Multi-purpose Placemat

This placemat can be used not only as a dining utensil, but also as a flower pot and computer to decorate your home.


Heat Resistant

The heat-resistant temperature can reach 176°F, and it can withstand most hot dishes without pressure.

Tip: The hot pot may be cause curled due to the high temperature, so please don’t use this placemat to cover the hot pot.

Big Size: The placemat is 17×12 inches (42x30cm), 70% pvc 30% polyester fibre. The large size is more suitable for indoor gatherings and outdoor picnics. It can effectively protect your table and keep it clean, high-quality, wear-resistant, and smell-free.
Heat Resistance: The placemat can withstand the highest temperature of 176°F (80°C). Using our placemat can protect your table well, and there is no need to worry about the sliding of the placemat, because our newly designed texture can play Good anti-slip effect.
Easy to Clean: Whether feeding your baby or entertaining guests, this placemat can also keep your dining table clean while ensuring added atmosphere, especially when the child eats with a placemat, which can save a lot of time to clean the table is simply a good helper for the mother at home.When cleaning the placemat, you can use a wet cloth to wipe directly, or you can take it to flush under the water hose, which is very convenient.
Convenient Storage: The placemat material contains fiber components, which will make the placemat softer. You can roll it up for storage or put it flat in the storage drawer. It can be taken out when you use it, and it will not be occupied. Too much space.
New Design Pattern: We use a new pattern that imitates weaving to apply to this placemat, so that you can decorate your dining room, kitchen, living room, and even office, hotel decorations, etc. The design is exquisite, the materials are exquisite, and the touch is very good. Make you and your guests have a better appetite.



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