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Product Description

World currency - Impacto ColeccionablesWorld currency - Impacto Coleccionables

Tiny Treasures

Collecting currency is no easy task, which is why Impacto is here to do the hard work for you! Get started out right or expand your collection with your Country Banknotes Set. We provide notes for collectors with an eye for quality, variety, and history. Hold authentic, historical currency in your hands, and feel the Impact.

Banknote collection for BeginnersBanknote collection for Beginners

Great for Beginners

Your all-in-1 starting banknote collection.

Fathers day gift - Banknotes Collection

Fathers day gift - Banknotes Collection

25 Banknotes

25 Banknotes

Paper Money Album

Paper Money Album

A Shining Gift

Send the special historian or collector in your life a set of world banknotes that will dazzle and inspire. If this set isn’t quite right, check out the rest of the Impacto Coleccionables line for a full range of exciting collectible gifts, and choose the perfect coinage for your loved one.

Grab A Map

Hold a collection unlike any other in your hands. Peruse and ponder collectible banknotes from different countries with no duplications. Your circulated currency has played a part in countless lives and stories around the globe.

Keep Them Clean

Keep your currency in a protective note album to guard against corrosion, degradation, and scratches.

Certificate of AuthenticityCertificate of Authenticity

Expert Inspected

Choose a set of banknotes for collectors, by collectors. Your world notes were inspected by a member of the American Numismatic Association and are shipped with a certificate of authenticity, so you can be sure they are not fake money!

Warehouse of Coins and BanknotesWarehouse of Coins and Banknotes

Our History

Coins and banknotes are the ambassadors of a country. They give the whole world an image of countries and their national identity. Coins and banknotes educate.

More than 25 years of experience in packaging of numismatic products. Designing appealing and innovative coin and banknotes packaging is our passion. We keep over 200 million coins and banknotes from all over the world. Our experienced buyers travel worldwide for our customers, in order to procure the most interesting, high quality products at attractive conditions.

Unique Features

100 Countries Represented – Deepen your knowledge of world coinage with collectible paper money from 100 different countries.

The coin selection consists of circulated foreign coins from around the world with varying dates and denominations.This fantastic collection take you on a journey through the wonderful and colorful world of coins. More than 500 g of coins

Extraordinary historical collection of 62 original coins, banknotes, stamps and bonds that have been part of the Second World War. This is a unique collection

Great variety of colors, sizes and facial values. The most beautiful ones! Selection made by our numismatic experts, who travel around several countries and specialized fairs in search of new banknotes.

These collectible coins are not legal tender, which means that they can’t be used as foreign currency. The number of coins from around the world are decreasing and coin value is increasing every year.

Inspected by ANA Member

Certificate of Authenticity

Notes from History – Feast your eyes on an expansively diverse world banknotes collection from Impacto Coleccionables. Your expert-curated set spans 15 countries with no duplications.
Stories to Study – Add an exciting range of world currencies to your private collection, teaching materials, or museum exhibits. Each banknote is a reflection of real peoples in nations old and modern.
Preserve the Paper – For maximum protection, store your banknotes in an archival currency album. Avoid exposing your historical bills to moisture, dust, oils from skin contact, and direct sunlight.
Professionally Inspected – Your foreign currency was inspected by a member of the American Numismatic Association. Enjoy the assurance of detailed expert curation and a Certificate of Authenticity.
Feel the Impact – Let us help you build a collection of rare coins and banknotes that even kings would envy. Count on us to deliver epic collections backed by our commitment to numismatic excellence.



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